What we do


We focus on the fundamentals of communication — opening up dialogue, spreading useful messages and telling the community about your organization or business. Targa will develop a comprehensive plan, including media and public relations, social media, branding and more. This document will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your communications structure and will guide your organization moving forward.

We put a high value on external communications — disseminating useful information to those outside of your organization or business. This is useful in raising awareness, attracting new clients or volunteers and celebrating your achievements.

Our other area of expertise is internal communications — keeping your staff, partners and stakeholders in the loop and generating conversation about the great things that are happening.

Targa uses a combination of many methods of achieving your communication goals — think newsletters, brochures, social media, news releases, mailouts and much more.

Services include:
Communications auditing and planning
Writing/layout/design of print and online materials
Policy development related to communications
Identity and branding development
Public relations and engagment

Media Relations

Here’s a test. Pick up a newspaper and flip it open to any particular page. What is the first thing you notice? A catchy headline at the top of the page? Probably. An eye-catching photo in the centre of the page? Also likely. An ad tucked away at the bottom of the page? Probably not.

If you want exposure through a newspaper, paying for advertising is not the best bang for your buck. People read news – both in print and online – to find content that affects them.

Every organization has stories that they should be sharing with the media. Our job is to train organizations to realize what those stories are and share them in a way that is interesting and exciting for readers, while sticking with the organization’s goals and image.

Whether you have a media release already written, or you’d like us to write one for you, we can get it to the media that matters in Edmonton, Calgary and across Alberta.

Have a news release idea already? Send it to us on our request page.

Services include:
Development of media release ideas
Writing and distribution of media releases
Photography to accompany media releases
Media training
Media crisis protocol

Social Media

Social Media is an ever changing tool and if properly utilized, it can be great in helping getting your message out. If you’re familiar with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yelp, you’re on the right track. But it’s easy for your organization to get missed on the Internet. Users are bombarded with information at an astounding rate and unless you have a solid strategy for social media, your organization will be pushed to some dark and dusty corner of the Internet.

We can help you create and follow through with a social media plan that will help promote your organization in a way that is consistent with your goals and targets. We also write social media policies, to keep your employees and your organization moving in the right direction.

Services include:
Set up and design of social media accounts
Management and maintenance of accounts
Social media training
Usage policy development

Web Content

Your website says a lot about your organization, so what is your site telling the public? Is the content  fresh, clear and attractive ?  Or is it outdated and unorganized, making it difficult to find content? Do you have enough information about your organization online or is your site growing out of control? Often, you need outside eyes to help you find that balance.

We can help make your website better. Sites should be to-the-point, easy to navigate, informative and have just the right amount of content and not one word more. We’ll identify what information is lacking on your website and develop content with you to fill those holes.

Services include:
Development of site maps
Writing/editing of content
Search Engine Optimization


Powerful photography is the best way to compliment great writing and excellent content. Adding professional photos to your news releases, newsletters, promotional material and websites allows your organization to express what they truly are. If we’re helping you promote an event, we can provide photo coverage as well.

We take photos that are relevant, purposeful and local — so that you aren’t relying on stock photography.